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CASA TAMARIND - "Caribbean Delight - with a rare Tamarind tree"

LOCATION- Located in the exclusive residential community of Southeast Harbor Estates. This community was established approximately 22 years ago and contains thirty properties all with a minimum size of five cuerdas. There are deeded protective covenants that restrict the use to residential permitting a main residence and a cottage. Currently is this community there are sixteen finished homes and one under construction.

Casa Tamarind

View to St. Thomas


The community has a community association and architectural committee. Southeast Harbor Estates is located approx three and a half miles east of town in a rural area with no commercial interests. Access is via Rt 250 which is a narrow two lane road that extends another one and a half miles to end of Culebra and ends at Zoni Beach. This remarkable beach is one mile of white sand and is a nesting area for the Leatherback turtles. From Zoni Beach you look out to the islands of St Thomas, Culebrta and Cayo Norte. The nearest commercial building is almost five miles back into town on this same rural paved road. Typically on a busy day there might be fifty persons enjoying the delights of Zoni. The "east end" starting with Southeast Harbor Estates is what is known as the high investment grade area of Culebra. In this exclusive area the land is zoned wither five or twenty-five cuerdas a house. It is very rare to find a zoning of this quality anywhere in the Caribbean. Culebra in its early development during the 70ís created this unique zoning that has help to protect and preserve its natural beauty. This zoning makes Culebra a very exceptional Caribbean island and secures the value of your investment in a property like Casa Tamarind. Note: one cuerda equals .971 of an acre.


Living Room

Bedroom #1

Bedroom #2

Bathroom #1

Bathroom #2

Deck #1

Deck #2

Main Deck's View to St Thomas

Main Deck

Rear Patio


Rear Cottage

Rear Cottage - Interior

PROPERTY: Casa Tamarind is located on 5.0062 cuerdas (approx 5 acres) of perfect hillside land. Perfect hillside land is defined as a property that will offer stunning Caribbean water views to St Thomas and excellent exposure to the cooling tropical trade breezes. There is electric to the property/ house and access to the house is via a driveway that is concrete in the necessary areas. This property is deeded and titled and has existing title insurance with Chicago Title Company from its initial purchase in 1988.

Casa Tamarind

Casa Tamarind

RESIDENCE: Casa Tamarind is designed to take full advantage of the Caribbean water views and breezes. This elegant house is built into the slight hillside on top of its cistern and large garage/ storage which level the house and give it extra height for views. Entry is ground level from a nicely landscaped entry way. The house is concrete block walls with vaulted designer wood ceilings that peak at 12 feet. Roof is tropical designer ceramic tile. The interior of the house is approx 804 sq feet that is perfectly arranged so that there are excellent views and breezes to the living room/ dinning area and both bedrooms. When you walk through Casa Tamarind it will seem that with its open space design and attention to room placement creates an impression of a much larger house.  The design is a perfect blend of form and function combined with outdoor -indoor usage and limited maintenance. Casa Tamarind is built for use and access onto itís sumptuous main deck of 600 Sq Ft. that faces beautiful Caribbean water views and onto St. Thomas. Both the daytime and nighttime views are enchanting and enhanced by the delightful breezes afforded this location. The living room/dinning area has a large sliding glass door entry onto a this main deck of 600 sq ft and on either side of the living room there is a bedroom with an independent sliding glass door onto this main deck. The two bedrooms are 14x12 and 15x12 with closets. There are two nicely outfitted bathrooms and outside protected laundry area. The kitchen is well arranged to provide counter and storage space with a wrap around design that creates a very functional workspace. There is also a tiled rear patio deck that is 13x14 feet and serves well for outdoor eating or grilling. The design of the house provides for morning sun to the main deck and shade in the afternoon while the rear patio deck provides for morning shade and afternoon sun.

Special Features-
November 2011 - one of the few east end homes with a city water connection.
Solar 12 volt back up system that provides light and water.
Furniture and furnishings accompany the sale.
Custom aluminum storm panels are included.
Cistern of 12,000 gallons with excellent roof collection area.
WIFI available
Located approx fifty yards below the house is a charming one bedroom cottage of 320 sq ft. This self contained cottage has city and back up electric a kitchen dinning- living area, bedroom and a bathroom. There is a deck with great views to St Thomas. The construction is wood with its own independent cistern. The cottage is accessed by a separate driveway.
The property is wonderfully landscaped with indigenous tropical plants, trees, citrus, cactus and palms. There is a manmade pond with a concrete flume overflow to prevent land erosion. The pond can be used to provide water for the landscaping and animals.
: The house has been represented by Culebra Island Realty as a vacation rental home and offers a source of additional income.
$1,016 annually