Culebra, Puerto Rico

Located on the southeast coast of Culebra in a sacred and secluded area that has been historically protected by high quality zoning this very special property can only be described as a unique blend of everything anyone could ever desire in a Caribbean estate property. The property commands a unique topographic ridgeline with positioning for incredible building sites that looks one mile across the channel  to the uninhabited sister island of Culebrita and it’s historically designated lighthouse that was built in 1886 and is now in a process of restoration with the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust. The fantastic panoramic views continue on another eleven miles to the island of St Thomas with its small white homes reflecting on its mountains and its harbors and towns that provide a unique contrast to the magnificent blue reaches of the Caribbean Sea that lays out at your feet without any possibility of  future view obstruction. This ultimate location offers the perfect mosaic of land, sea and air. The palette of colors blend  the crystal blue greens of the Caribbean Sea, the white sand beaches below, the golden shimmering of the coral, the blue panoramic blue skies and the natural  greens and browns of the surrounding cays and islands. This sublime tapestry elegantly manifests all that is beautiful and all that is uniquely special about the natural beauty of Culebra.  But alas this is only half of the cosmic reality. Every night we switch to the breathless celestial dimension that this property experiences. This property is perfectly located to enjoy the finest evening skies available anywhere in the world. The lack of light pollution accentuates the visibility and greatly enhances plurality of the stars and planets. The light house beacon offers a gentle pulse of purpose. The lights on the mountain sides of St Thomas 12 miles in the distance radiate like twinkles of stardust. The monthly cyclic act of this incredible celestial performance climaxes  with a full moon that is special in its presentation and the reflections it affords to the 180 degree panoramic Caribbean Sea views to the east. However, the truly ultimate spectacular event of nature’s quantum show is the prized times during the year when the full moon arises out of the sea and over St Thomas. There are no words that can do justice to this spectacle of nature’s gift that is its best viewed from the location of this property – truly a “Stairway to Heaven.”



This approximately  thirty  acre property is composed of two adjacent independently titled and deeded lots that were purposely purchased together by the owners due to their independent accesses and amenities and the valuable synergy they would bring to each other.  One property is a five acre property and the other is the 25 acres.

Five Acre Property- The five acre property that is located in the private community of North View Estates. North View Estates is approx. 20 years old and consists of 41 properties of five acre minimum size. The North View community has deeded protective covenants that allow an owner to build a residence and a cottage on the property. The property cannot be subdivided, permits no commercial zoned usage and most importantly has access to the only east end community dock which is located on Manglar Bay.  Manglar Bay is a pristine calm mangrove lined bay that is perfect for mooring large private boats. This five acre property has a good building site for but its most important attribute is the independent private access it would permit to the 25 acre property and of course the dock usage.   Access to the 25 property would normally be via a deeded access that transverses thru the rear of three adjacent 25 acre lots to enter this final 25 acre property. However, the inclusion of the five acre property allows for a shorter independent access that would be solely under the owner’s control. 


Twenty- Five Acre Property-  This 25 acre property is without a doubt the finest available on Culebra. There is a ridge line of approx 164 feet above sea level that looks out to the southeast to the uninhabited sister island of Culebrita and on 12 miles to St Thomas. This ridge provides for a selection of  at least four prime building sites. There is 283.276 meters of beach frontage on the white sand beach of Playa Larga located directly below the ridgeline. This specific property provides a very rare drivable access to the beach below. Playa Larga is a long pristine stretch of beach approx one and a half miles in length that is “totally virgin”  with extremely limited access due to the topography and the large sized properties that front it. The west leeward side of the property’s ridge line is a fertile valley currently with local over growth and a small pond that attracts all sorts of wildlife and birdlife. This area would be perfect for eco farming or to foster a natural preserve for the wildlife and numerous island birds.  This independent 25 acre property has a rare direct access to electric.  Wind and solar would exceptionally well from this property, however, the availability of electric is a great bonus.  

 Culebra was officially zoned in the early seventies when there were only six hundred residents and after the US Navy had departed. This protective zoning  was developed before it’s rare natural beauty could be destroyed by commercial interests as has been common in other Caribbean islands.  This property along with approximately sixty percent of Culebra was  zoned 25 acres a house. In 2013 these areas were down zoned to five acre zoning but there has been little effect on the vast natural beauty and will not be in the future due to other circumstances and protections afforded Culebra.  This protective zoning past and future has served to protect the ecological and perpetuate the cultural significance of the island and the people that include everyone that is proud to call themselves  Culebrensean. On Culebra there is little crime and people are respectful and thoughtful of each other and this is just as significant heritage as is the natural beauty of Culebra.

Starting at Cayo Norte               South of Cayo Norte                       Culebrita                              South of Culebrita                    Southern View                          Southwest View

 Pics from Playa Larga

Playa Larga south of property         Playa Larga below property           Playa Larga below property          Playa Larga to Cayo Norte                  Playa Larga to Culebrita

 Pictures of Nortview Estates Dock


Property Features Include:

Registered Titled Property
Recent updated survey June 2010
Annual property taxes- $355
Currently the 25 acre property is zoned for residential use at 5 acres per house.
This property has a private easement access with electric available.

Great Price Total Price - Both Lots- $2,025,000. Serious offers considered.