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Lot #5
Zoni One Acre Lot- "
a one acre lot 800 yards above fabled Zoni Beach" 

The previous owner loving named this exquisite property “Auteur du Rocher” which is French for “around the rock.”  Close to the probably the best building site this spectacular property offers  is a rock that she would stand on to see the fabulous views this lot offers- It was the spirituality of Culebra and this unique property that enchanted years ago to make this her dream.

 The secluded east end is "the investment grade" area of Culebra. Zoni Beach is a one mile long white sand beach that faces St Thomas, Culebrita and Cayo Norte and on a busy day you might share it with fifty other seekers. Zoni Beach is a sanctuary of natural treasures. It is the nesting home to Leatherback, Green and Hawkbill turtles, is frequented by many species of sea birds and has an underwater forest with many species of tropical fish. This property is in the exclusive community named "Alturas de Zoni" that is located above Zoni Beach and consists of thirty-one properties of a minimum of one acre each. This community is approx eighteen years old. Currently there are sixteen finished homes. To enhance its investment grade this community has protective covenants that limit one residence per property. The community is protected by surrounding zoning that in most instances requires 5-25 acres of property per house and the nearest commercial influence over 4 miles back into town. This property enjoys exception trade breeze exposure and has stunning Caribbean Sea views to Cayo Norte, Culebrita, St Thomas and the down Virgin islands. The site offers spectacular celestial views including the fabulous sun and moon rises over St Thomas. This property is unique in that it is offered two access points from the road and one provides for even greater seclusion and a better even ease of build.  There is easy access to electric and city water. Typically one of the lots might come up for resale every few years. This is a fine opportunity for an investment into one of Culebra’s very special locations. Taxes are approx $400 a year.

Listed at $375,000

View to Cayo Norte

View to East

Norte Channel

View to St. Thomas