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In, 1994, Cheryl and Jim visited Culebra for a ten day vacation and they instantly fell in love with the natural beauty of this small enchanted island, its rural and rustic nature, its lack of materialism, it’s safe environment and of course the its incredibly charming 1600 person residential population. A few months later they decided to move from Long Island, NY to Culebra with their two young children Amanda and Nick for a six month jaunt on Culebra and yes they are still enjoying their Culebra adventure. In his prior lives Jim served as a medic in the US Army Special Forces in Viet Nam and later had a career in law enforcement. He has a Master’s Degree in Counseling and is still seeking self-realization. Cheryl worked in the field of addictions and is credentialed in New Your State. Since 2002 she has been a Certified and Registered Astanga Yoga teacher with an extensive background in nutrition. Cheryl currently offers personalized individual Mind/Body/Soul Wellness retreats on Culebra for anyone seeking to begin or renew their wellness. You can visit her website at: www.culebraretreats.com

In 1997, Jim studied for and earned his Puerto Rico’s broker’s license. Upon receiving his broker’s license Jim purchased Culebra Island Realty which was at that time the only real estate company on Culebra. The prior owner of Culebra Island Realty had historically been intimately involved the segregations and creations of the investment grade communities on Culebra. Culebra has always been a real niche market and with this purchase Jim gained a lot of valuable inside knowledge and insight into the many unique facets of real estate on Culebra and the unique and different real estate laws of Puerto Rico. This special knowledge is extremely important to properly and ethically represent real estate on Culebra. Because of this intimate knowledge be assured Jim will always “Tell you what you have to know – Not what you want to hear.” His lectures on Culebra real estate normally begin with, “Culebra is not for everyone.”

In 2012, Amanda our daughter after finishing her college studies in graphic art designs joined us in the business. She is also available for professional creation of graphic art upon request at art.justbe@gmail.com or 787-435-6556. She is also an accomplished surfer who has competed on the Puerto Rico Surfing Circuit.

In 2016, Nicholas, our son after having completed his degree in International Studies joined us in our business and has begun his education to specialize in Culebra real estate.